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NS Maquinas is a relatively young company headquartered in Portugal. They supply edge rounding machines like the DM1100C, DM1100DC and DM660ZPK which are by far the most economical way to break and round edges on sheet metal parts. Their horizontal/vertical bar stock sanding machines fill interesting niches in the fabricating industry as well as a full line of tube finishing products.



Simple Deburring, Edge Rounding and Finishing in One Step.

New NS LDM2500 Plus

NS DM1100 Z that connects to the DM1100C

NS Maquinas products are known for being ergonomic, easy to operate and come from a high level of workmanship and quality. Engineering and production work closely together to build both standard products and customized systems to fit your graining and finishing application. They are especially adept at handling medium to large volume production of custom profiles and tubing. They also attach a very attractive price point to their products.

For more information please visit NS Maquinas' website at
DM1100C1600C screenshot.png

The New Addition to the NS LMD 2500!

The LMD 2500 is a long belt machine with a flexible abrasive belt which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials. This machine is right for curved shapes, square tubes, metal sheets and as well as for weld removing on boxes.


This machine now includes an additional deburring and edge rounding head capable for interchanging grinding discs, scotch pads and abrasive brushes. This allows you to get deburring and edge rounding within a stroke sander.

LMD2500 pic.PNG

The New DM1100Z

The best feature is this machine’s design concept. This machine is designed to be integrated with the DM1100C edge rounding machine. For this integration an optional conveyor table can be bought that is the same height as the two machines. The conveyor belt is propelled by a chain linked to the DM1100Z.  The table can be conveniently installed without tools and removed when not needed because it sits on rollers. Together the DM1100Z and the DM1100C can achieve dross removal and  edge rounding in one go.

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