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We at MetalFinish LLC pride ourselves on being able to install, train, operate, maintain and repair everything we sell. If MetalFinish is actively involved in selling you a product, we commit as a team to be able to perform. We will help to direct you in the right direction when making decisions about machines or parts.


We can supply you with very competitive prices, fast delivery, and low lot sizes. We continuously research and carry most of the components/spare parts for our machines based on our experience with our products. For the parts we do not carry or have in stock we diligently expedited from OEM (hard-to-find European parts from the wholesalers) or from third party sources - whichever is more efficient. If you are ordering a part that in our opinion is not necessary or can be replaced with a better performing or more cost-efficient part, we will tell you so you don't waste your time and money. However, if you wish to source your parts locally, we can help you with that as well.

We are available to perform routine maintenance and inspections on site for you. For most major machine types, we carry a list detailing all components that are evaluated during an inspection and maintenance. You will receive a report afterward following this outline so you have a precise status of your machine.

If our service requires travel, we always charge you fairly for our expenses. In order to reduce your bill beyond that, we pride ourselves to pick the most cost-efficient ways while booking service travel. As we are committed to our customers, we expect our customers to help us provide the best performance out of their investment. Take advantage of our offer to train your operators and maintenance personnel as well as cooperating with us while applying the machine to your process under your varying circumstances.

If you ever feel we have not met this commitment, please call me directly with your comments and concerns.

We appreciate your business, and please stay safe!

Best Regards,​

Daniel Dechamps

Office:  +1 (860) 747-6560
Mobile: +1 (860) 463-3105

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