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Slag results from fully oxidized material adhering to the edge. This usually occurs during plasma and flame cutting.  Where a burr can be small and even as minimal as just a very sharp edge slag is usually significant.  Due to the cutting process, it is usually always in thicker material ½” and up.  Because of that you work in heavy plate up to 4” thick.  Those parts have distortion (they do not lay flat) and therefore you need a large drum with soft rubber to make up for the distortion and thickness variances.

Our specialized brands for deslagging machines include:

NS Máquinas DM1100 DC

Deburrs and edge rounds inside and outside contours of thick steel parts mainly cut by plasma or oxyfuel. DM1100 DC has a large deburring drum to remove slag, and dross. It also has a double cross belt head which performs edge rounding leaving soft and clean edges. 

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