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Grinding and Surface Finishing consists of a finishing process that uses abrasive wheels to smooth flat surfaces to give the surfaces a more refined look by removal of imperfections on the surface of metal.

Our specialized brands for Grinding and Surface Finishing machines include:

NS Maquinas LMD 2500 / 3100/ 4100 

Long belt machine with flexible abrasive belt which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials. This machine is ideal for curved shapes as and for weld removing. This machine now comes with an additional edge rounding and deburring head. 

Kuhlmeyer Twin Belt Sander TBS-1/2/3/4

The twin belt grinding machine type TBS is equipped with two grinding belts for grinding and finishing.  The work piece can be can be finished in one operation without a second handling of the component for finishing.  Automatic tool and table movements are available as options.

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