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Remove burrs from your laser-cut, sheared or punched metal sheets right after production with the right machine for your project. MetalFinish LLC distributes and installs sheet metal deburring equipment to a variety of industries. With our stock of new and used machines, we have the capability to help you process metal parts of different sizes and configurations to get a uniform look and feel, with no burrs.

Our specialized brands for sheet metal deburring machines include:

NS Máquinas - DM1100C

Double cross belts for the metal deburring and edge rounding, leaving clean, soft and burr-free edges on the finished parts.

NS Maquinas LMD 2500+

Long belt machine with flexible abrasive belt which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials. This machine is ideal for curved shapes as and for weld removing. This machine now comes with an additional edge rounding and deburring head. Work surfaces include curved shapes, square tubes, metal sheets and as well as for weld removing on boxes.

NS Máquinas - DM660 ZPK

The solution for deburring and edge rounding uniformly flat or bent pieces. Unique performance on thin material, strong radius up to 2mm, parts with reduced dimensions and small holes. The contact roller removes the heavier burrs while the double rotation planetary head rounds consistently internal and external edges.

NS Máquinas - DM1100 DC

DM1100 DC deburrs and edge rounds inside and outside contours of thick steel parts mainly cut by plasma or oxyfuel. It has a large deburring drum for heavy burr removal and a double cross belt head which performs edge rounding leaving soft and clean edges.

Finish up the look of your metal parts and reduce the safety risks of handling sharp-edged sheets of metal.

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