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MetalFinish's Orbital Sander

OS 100

The OS 100 is a tube polishing machine that finishes the surface of round and oval tubes. This machine comes with a auto feeding system that moves the straight tubes safely through the finishing station that gives a consistent and highly productive polishing quality.


Both Brush and Mirror Finishes are available based on configuration of the machine. Heavy Duty machine made in Portugal for us.

The OS 100 includes: 

  • Foot pedal to un-block wheel and open the belts

  • Magnetic safety switch for the wheel cover

  • Emergency stop switch on the operating panel

  • CE safety certification


No-Contact Planetary System

No-Contact Planetary System.jpg

Diameter Regulation

Diameter Regulation.jpg

Foot Petal

Foot Petal.jpg

Machine Control

Machine Control.jpg

Feeding System

Feeding System.jpg

For additional information please call or email us at:

860-747-6560 or

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