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The New NS Maquinas DM1100 Z that Integrates to the DM1100C

MetalFinish is introducing a new single head wide belt machine which is mainly intended for those who have a little more burr, dross or laser splash to remove than the DM1100C Crossbelt machine can. This machine has the capability to create a brush finished surface which many also call a #4 finished surface. 


The machine itself is a medium duty wide belt with a 7” diameter contact roller and 71” long belt. This is significantly more effective than most entry level machines with a 5” contact roller and 60” long belt. 


The machine also has standard features included that are options on other machines.  It includes a high friction conveyor belt.   Therefor it can be used for processing parts as small as 50x50mm (clean conveyor belt!) and as large as 43.5” (1100mm) in width.



The DM1100Z includes a 11KW frequency inverter for variable grinding belt speed driven by the 11KW main motor. This is important to lower processing temperatures and to be able to use non-woven/scotch belts for the final consistency and smooth finish. 


The best feature is this machine’s design concept. This machine is designed to be integrated with the DM1100C edge rounding machine. For this integration an optional conveyor table can be bought that is the same height as the two machines. The conveyor belt is propelled by a chain linked to the DM1100Z.  The table can be conveniently installed without tools and removed when not needed because it sits on rollers. Together the DM1100Z and the DM1100C can achieve dross removal and edge rounding in one go.

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