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MetalFinish offers you the widest range of World Class Metal Finishing Technology in America.

The Latest News:

The New Addition to NS Maquinas' LMD 2500!

The LMD 2500 is a long belt machine with a flexible abrasive belt which enables the work of flat surfaces as well as corners or edges of materials. This machine is right for curved shapes, square tubes, metal sheets and as well as for weld removing on boxes.


This machine now includes an additional deburring and edge rounding head capable for interchanging grinding discs, scotch pads and abrasive brushes. This allows you to get deburring and edge rounding within a stroke sander.

MetalFinish's Orbital Sander: OS 100

The OS 100 is a tube polishing machine that finishes the surface of round and oval tubes. This machine comes with an auto feeding system that moves the straight tubes safely through the finishing station that gives a consistent and highly productive polishing quality.


Both Brush and Mirror Finishes are available based on configuration of the machine. 


Heavy Duty machine made in Portugal for us.

The NS DM1100 Z

The NS DM1100Z gives you consistent linear finish on the surface with a brighter shine on stainless steel, steel or aluminum parts cut by laser, punching or shearing.


The DM1100 Z was designed in mind to be integrated with the DM1100 C edge rounding machine so that deburring and edge rounding can be achieved in one go!

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