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Meet the Widest Range of World Class
Metal Finishing Technology in America
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The Latest News:

NS Maquinas - RC200

Introducing the stainless steel tube finishing and Edge Rounding RC200. This machine has tube polishing and abrasive belt grinding system that finishes, buffs and mirror polishes straight tubes and pipes with diameters.

The RC200 makes it easy to do wet belt grinding and also tube gloss polishing in dry operation.


MetalFinish's Orbital Sander: OS 100

The OS 100 is a tube polishing machine that finishes the surface of round and oval tubes. This machine comes with an auto feeding system that moves the straight tubes safely through the finishing station that gives a consistent and highly productive polishing quality.


We have a Special Inventory Deal, Call and ask us for the coupon code to get $1,000 off any OS100 in stock!


*Heavy Duty machine made in Portugal for us.

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