MetalFinish LLC has a wide stock of cross-belt and rotor-head edge rounding machinery available for your specific industry. We have provided the best metal finishing technology in America, as well as other countries abroad.

Our inventory includes equipment from world-class suppliers and our team provides full support at very competitive prices.

These are some of the products we have available:


  • NS Máquinas:
    A leading manufacturer in quality and adequacy for diverse production requirements. Our DM1100C and DM660 ZPK brush edge rounding models are the most efficient and economical way to round the edges of your parts exceeding today’s quality standards.


  • Gecam:
    Delivering high quality with flexibility and speed since 1994. The Gecam GT13CS edge rounding machine ensures a clean surface and a soft round edge in one single pass. It includes an automated feed mode and easy access for maintenance.
We help you finish parts from all sizes and volumes. Get in touch with one of our specialists today and we will help you find the best solution for your application needs, parts, and budget.


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