We can quickly identify if a standard solution fits your application best. However, sometimes a task requires a custom solution. In these situations, our vendors are capable of accommodating custom fixes, and we are happy to see these solutions through. We also talk to customs houses that have the knowledge to solve the problem. Additionally, we are capable of modifying standard machinery on our own or supplying refurbished machinery with improvements in the original condition to give you more value for your money.


We carry a large amount of spare parts in inventory. To further save you money, we source many parts directly from the manufacturer, who is often based overseas. We also have powerful consumables/abrasives that last you longer and fit your application better at very competitive prices. If you need more than parts, you can also depend on us for your service needs. We have a team of talented and efficient service technicians that can identify and solve your technical problems.


We install, support and service everything we sell. From maintenance contracts to repairs, or even modifications of the equipment, you can contract us to go to work for you. To save cost we also have a network of outside technicians who work with us and if you want to be more hands on, we also give good advice over the phone.


Daniel Dechamps

phone: +1 (860) 747-6560
cell: +1 (860) 463-3105

Kyle Buys
Field Service

phone: +1 (860) 747-6560
cell: +1 (860) 463-5918

Rick Martin
Service and Parts

phone: +1 (860) 747-6560
cell: +1 (860) 966-7778

Gena Sciaraffa
Office Administrator

phone: +1 (860) 747-6560



We pride ourselves on being able to install, train, operate, maintain and repair everything we sell. Let me be clear about this: If MetalFinish is actively involved in selling you a product, we commit as a team to be able to perform all major aspects of the above activities. That goes for everyone, from the owner to the service technician giving you advice about a spare part.

We are not only available to perform routine maintenance and inspections at on site for you; we also actually enjoy this aspect of our business. For most major machine types we carry a list detailing all components that are evaluated during an inspection and maintenance. You will receive a report afterward following this outline so you have a precise status of your machine.

We continuously research and carry the components for our machines. Our way to convince you to buy from us is “one stop shopping” at very competitive prices, fast delivery, and low lot sizes. However, if you wish to source your parts locally, we can help with that too.

We carry all major spare parts based on our fourteen years of experience with our product lines. The parts we do not carry are diligently expedited either from the OEM or from third party sources—whichever is more efficient.

We have expertise in sourcing hard-to-find European parts directly from the part’s original manufacturer or European wholesalers. This saves you money and/or time.

We will tell you if you are ordering a part that in our opinion is not necessary or can be replaced with a better performing or more cost efficient part.

If our service requires travel, we always charge you fairly for our expenses as they actually occur. In order to reduce your bill beyond that, we take great care to pick the most cost efficient ways to travel, even if it is inconvenient for us.

As we are committed to our customers we expect our customers to help us get the best performance out of their investment. Taking advantage of our offer to train your operators and maintenance personnel is the first step. Cooperating with us in applying the machine to your process under your varying circumstances is the second.

If you ever feel we have not met this commitment, please call me directly with your comments and concerns.

Daniel Dechamps


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