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NS Deburring and Edge Rounding Equipment in California

The elimination of manual deburring of sheet metal is taking on new dimensions in the US fabricating industry. Removing manual labor is not a new quest for companies of various sizes, but the urgency to deburr growing portions of the laser cutting, punching, stamping, plasma cutting, shearing and waterjet cutting output has increased. Safety and sharp edges have always been an issue, though safety consciousness is improving. New in the mix – paint quality, especially when it comes to fiber laser processed components: The slightly serrated edge leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to coating thickness resulting in dark lines and significant edge corrosion especially for components exposed to the elements. Where in the past a lot of discussion evolved around laser oxide removal to improve paint adhesion, the talk now is edge rounding and removal of residual cutting splash and small burrs. The bottom line: Quality needs to improve – Labor must be kept in check.

Now there are various methods to achieve these outcomes, and depending on volume, part size, material and thickness different machines apply. MetalFinish has an extremely wide portfolio of deslagging, deburring and edge rounding machines available. Our demo room facilities allow us to either authentically run many different machine configurations or simulate them. We will work with you to figure out the best solution for your production. And with a number of machines recently shipped we have up to date references available for those in California.

With our stock of new and used machines, we have the capability to help you process metal parts of different sizes and configurations to get a uniform look and feel, with no more burrs. Our specialized brands for sheet metal deburring machines include:

NS Máquinas: A leading manufacturer in quality and adequacy for diverse production requirements. Our DM series machines either in a single configuration (DM1100/1600C) or in combination configurations in the models ZC, ZCZ, ZCK or ZPK models are the most efficient, simple and economical way to deburr your parts exceeding today’s industry quality standards.

Gecam: Delivering high quality with flexibility and speed since 1994. The Gecam GT13CS deburring machine ensures clean rounded edges both on top and bottom surfaces in one single pass. It delivers a very efficient use of abrasive media and important easy access for maintenance. The same goes for the new Gecam G6DCC which combines heavy deslagging and deburring for flame and plasma parts with smooth radiused edges.

If you want to achieve perfect edges after laser cutting, punching or any other contouring process in sheet metal or heavy plate, MetalFinish has a variety of solutions to help. This applies to almost any production volume and budget! Contact our team of metal finishing experts for a solution tailored to your needs by calling 1 (860) 747 6560 or emailing


Contact our team of metal finishing experts for a solution tailored to your needs.

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