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Nosstec Rolls – Automatic Roll Bending Machine in North Carolina

Nosstec Roll Bending Machines

At Metal Finish, we address a variety of different niche forming applications, namely corner forming and programmable roll bending for North Carolina manufacturing and industrial companies. Roll bending is a process with a long tradition. We have been doing this for North Carolina companies for nearly 20 years and we can do it for you too! Three roll initial pinch rolling machines have especially been sold in large quantities. Usually, they are not automated or programmable to make irregular shapes. Therefore, four roll machines have been developed to accommodate pre-bending and finish bending in one pass.

Nosstec has been building machines since 1926 in Sweden. They focus on the thinner gauge market such as the lighting industry, exhaust components, and the HVAC market. But more and more the general fabricator finds the aspect of programmable roll bending intriguing as it allows for multiple radii shapes with flats incorporated. Nosstec has a series of four roll machines to accommodate part sizes from 16” length to 120” lengths and up to ¼” material. These machines are extremely accurate as they are fully mechanically driven and entirely without hydraulics. The newest development has been updating conventional initial pinch 3 roll machines to incorporate the ability to program them without adding significant cost. The system had to be quick to learn and therefore simple.

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We know that you want the best machine to perform over a long time for the jobs at hand and that’s where we can help your company to succeed. We are dedicated service providers and carry all associated spares for your Nosstec roll-bending machine at competitive prices. At Metal Finish, we can help you understand which roll size(s) is or are best suited for your company’s unique processes and needs. And we can be contracted to come in and train you in the techniques to program and produce your individual parts most efficiently. Call us at 1 (860) 747-6560 for a quotation including a programmable control for your roll bending needs.


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