As an established and recognized “Mittelstand” company in Germany, KOHLER has been active in the design and production of levelling machines for more than
 50 years. 150 skilled and experienced employees design, build, test, and support machines. Of those machines, over 6000 – comprised of both coil levelling lines and individual part levelling – have now been delivered world wide.

With strictly electro-mechanical part levelling technology and the complete absence of hydraulic components, the new Peak Performer series machines underline the continued leading position of Kohler in the straightening and levelling industry. With this technology, Kohler combines maximum precision with maximum efficiency and noise control, as well as unsurpassed high energy efficiency.

KOHLER acts as a subsidiary within the WINTERSTEIGER Group / Austria.

The future of Levelling Technology? Now it’s beginning again!

The Peak Performer Delivers:

• No hydraulics, meaning less maintenance, mess, and noise
• Electronic gap control for more strengths given a roll set diameter
• Unsurpassed leveling precision
• Advanced cleaning and Quick-Change Device for leveling and supporting rollers
• High energy efficiency

Call us to discuss your application and receive leveling diagrams to demonstrate the advanced capacity of Kohler leveling machines. You are also welcome to inquire about coil leveling lines.