Grainmatic QS900 Nylon Brush Roller – 2011

This machine works well in Aluminum and formed parts for deburring and edge rounding, and can also facilitate certain surface cleaning operations. Remove small burrs and efficiently round edges from punched and laser cut parts in materials up to 4.0” thick. It will clean the surfaces and modestly round sharp edges.

This machine was originally ordered as a second backup for a machine delivered to the local aerospace industry to deburr small holes in formed parts after processing on a punch/laser combination machine. The machine is 36” wide and equipped with a frequency inverter for the conveyor belt and a digital height setting controller with a display. It also features an error diagnostic system to faster target emergency stop causes, as well as a quick exchange for the rollers. This machine has run less than 30 hours total and the brushes are practically new. Retail for this machine, new, was $47,000. Any reasonable offer for the machine will be accepted. It is currently in our warehouse in Plainville CT.

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