GECAM G136 Corner Grinding Machine – 2017 Customer Machine

Dress welds on square boxes consistently with a homogenous radius up to 12” in length with this simple to operate robust machine. We have upgraded this machine with the mechanical oscillation movement developed and built by MetalFinish. Additionally, we have added the MetalFinish option of a quick clamp system for parts of various seam length. (All options are not shown in pictures, but can be provided upon request.) This machine sold for $14,000 new.

This machine is located in Texas. It was manufactured in 2017 and has never been utilized in production, as this customer has a G135 that meets their needs. Purchase can be made through direct negotiation with the current owner to up your box grinding operation while improving quality.

Please contact us at 1 (860) 747 6560 to get the contact information.