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Edgemaster – Automatic Corner Forming Machine in Illinois

Edgemaster – Automatic Corner Forming

At Metal Finish, we’re working on your edge! Metal Finish assembles the broadest range of finishing equipment for the North American metalworking industry, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. No other vendor can offer you a wider range of products for your finishing application than us. Beyond our fantastic selection in finishing equipment, we address a variety of different niche forming applications, namely corner forming and programmable roll bending.

Originally conceived for doors on electrical enclosures, corner forming is a process where you can create a pan shaped part without welding after pre-bending the side flanges on your press brake with customized modified tooling. The corner forming process then wipes the material on the corner down over an internal die and the excess is trimmed away. This eliminates the need to dress welds by grinding and therefore is a good fit for our portfolio.

Applications are restricted to a flange height of 15x material thickness with a typical minimum material thickness of 0.036” for most materials. In CRS and HRS we can form materials up to 7 ga thick with a max flange height of 1.5”. The bending radius can be anything you can produce on your press brake.

The outside corner radius can range from 0.120” to 2.000” Corners do not have the problem of an inside weld root so parts are easy to sanitize, leak proof and pleasant to the eye. Medical, lab and food applications depend on that.

Cycle time is about 10 seconds per corner and in most part sizes production rates of 50 to 70 parts per hour can be achieved. A double corner machine is available as well for larger production volumes. The process is efficient and easy top perform. Skilled labor is not required once the machine is set up.

We are extremely dedicated service providers and carry all associated supplies for your metal processes at very competitive prices! Call us at 1 (860) 747-6560 to service and repair your machine or if you need hard-to-find parts and supplies for your application. You can also fill out our online form with any questions about Edgemaster or automatic forming machines you may have. It is our pleasure to serve you.

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You want the best machine to perform over a long time for the jobs at hand and that’s where Metal Finish can help your company to succeed. We are dedicated service providers and carry all associated spares for your corner former at competitive prices. At Metal Finish we can help you understand which tooling is best suited for your company’s unique processes and needs. Beyond our unique selection of forming equipment, we provide options for financing and leases to match your budget.

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