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NS Deburring and Edge Rounding
Equipment in Texas

Deburring and Edge Rounding

If you want to achieve perfect edges after laser cutting, punching or any other contouring process in sheet metal or heavy plate, Metal Finish has a variety of solutions to help. This applies to almost any production volume and budget! We have a very wide range of equipment from various vendors, so we can advise you on the best solution without brand bias. You can rest easy knowing that you will find competence and honest opinions when you contact us. We assist you throughout the entire project from the application and actual tests in your material through installation and training. The NS Maquinas line of machines is one example of outstanding grinding and edge rounding machines which we feature here.

NS Maquinas DM Series Machines

The core of each DM series machine is the cross belt unit (denominated with a C), which is primarily utilized to round sharp edges in sheet metal components. These machines can also be configured to remove laser oxide, as well. With two counter rotating belts featuring abrasive or wire brush blocks, the machine can be set up in single digit seconds for the next material thickness. Materials can be run in a mix with the use of a wet dust collector.

You will find these machines to be extremely easy to use, have the lowest abrasive consumption/cost per part in the industry, and are very reliable. How do we achieve this? With simplicity! Even better, your cost will be lower as well.

Additionally, we can combine the cross belt unit with one or more wide belt units (denominated with a Z), should heavier dross and burrs need to be removed. As an added benefit this also enables customers to grain the surface of their components. It is configurable up to four heads, including scotch rollers. Be sure to call us to discuss your application, volume, and budget and our proposed solution to fit all of your needs. For those on a strict budget, we often also have offers for quality used and demo machines as well.

Service and Support from Metal Finish

You want the best machine to perform over a long time for the jobs at hand and that’s where Metal Finish can help your company succeed. Metal Finish carries the broadest range of finishing equipment for the North American metalworking industry, and we’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. We are dedicated service providers and carry all associated supplies for your grinding and deburring needs at competitive prices. At Metal Finish, we can provide you with the most types of surface grinding, deburring, and edge rounding machines. We can also help you understand which is best suited for your company’s unique processes and needs. No other vendor can offer you a wider range of products for your finishing application than we do. Beyond our fantastic selection of surface grinding 2D and 3D finishing equipment, we also provide options for financing and leases to match your budget. Call us at 1 (860) 747-6560 to start your deburring or edge rounding project, as well as for service and repair of your existing machine.