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Automated edge rounding for sheet metal components

At Metal Finish, we pride ourselves on being able to install, train, operate, maintain and repair everything we sell. We continue to provide the broadest range of metal finishing technology in North America.

In order to provide top-quality results, it is important to have different solutions for the wide range of applications and materials primarily processed by thermal cutting processes and punching in today’s fabricating shops. These contouring methods leave sheet metal components with either a sharp and sometimes even dross ridden edge.  We can remove the dross and complete the finish with a radius on the edges so they are safe and if needed can be painted with full coverage in a superior quality.  We eliminate corrosion and adhesion problems.

Our inventory includes equipment from a number of world-class suppliers and our team provides full support, all at very competitive prices.  The reason we have positioned ourselves broadly is also to have equipment in various price ranges to meet your needs in terms of volume processed and level of automation. Wider range means more choice for you.

These are just some of the products we have available:

NS Máquinas:

A leading manufacturer of quality / efficient machines with low operating cost for diverse production requirements. The DM series  machines range from 26 “ to 64” working width and can remove dross, round edges, remove laser oxide and create a brush surface finish at costs below the competition.  There DM machines, especially the cross belt brush sanding edge rounding models, are the most efficient and economic way to round the edges of your parts exceeding today’s quality standards.


Delivering high quality with flexibility and speed since 1994. The Gecam GT13CS edge rounding machine ensures a clean surface and a soft, round edge both top and bottom in one single pass. It includes an automated feed mode and easy access for maintenance.  The Gecam DCC models remove vast amounts of slag in flame and plasma cut parts with either a broken edge and at the same time efficiently round edges for subsequent painting. Cross belts, top brushes, abrasive roller configuration give you multiple approaches to best solve the problem.


The specialist for modular sheet metal deburring machines can configure the process to 100% match your needs. With the Pluto.Titan series machines, you will end up with a great combination of perfect deburring results in flame and plasma cut parts with an either a broken edge or medium to intense rounding for your parts. These machines are built for heavy volumes and can survive the harshest factory environments.

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